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This blog brought to you from my iPad

April 13, 2010

So I got the iPad! In fact I’m in the car on the way to Wormy’s dads house right now while I type this. I must say typing is rather easy on the touch screen keyboard. I’m not sure of Wormy’s love for the device since I’ve devoted the last few hours to playing with it. The interface is much like the iPhone which makes using it a breeze. I was disappointed in the fact all the iWork apps they taut are $9.99 a piece. I did break down and buy Pages. That’s what I’m using to write this. Any non iPad formatted apps load and are scaled down to the size of the iPhone/touch screen size. The device is very responsive and apps load super quick. The not having Internet can be a downside to a lot of apps and there isn’t an app for that. While away on “Jesus is proof zombies can take over the world” weekend I was stuck for 36 hours without Internet, this felt like an eternity! I mean who doesn’t have wireless Internet at their house? Both of Wormy’s parents that’s who! So fast forward 5 days later as I finish this blog post and I’m now on the T home finishing. I’ve put music and movies on my device and it pretty much hasn’t left my side. I’m excited for more apps to come out and have grabbed a lot already. I’ve put some music and movies on here and have big plans for Chilla’s iPad! For all you Apple haters out there at least go try it before you knock it and bitch that it’s just an over sized iPhone or iPod touch because its way more!