I almost can’t stand the word green.

With how they tell us the world is going to hell in a bushel basket made from woven plastic in China to Greenland is now a waterfall, I think the time to vote on whether or not people and companies that say “We are going green” really are, or are they blowing organic tobacco smoke up the media’s ass. The time has come in the form of what really can be done by/for the lay people about the word “green”.

If a company is going fucking green then they have no garbage; they use composting toilets, everyone brings a cup from home for water and coffee; they drink water out of the tap, no water coolers; printers do not exist on company property; computers are shut off every night when workers go home; and everyone takes the stairs. Right!

Oh not green enough for you? Then how about the composting toilets only gets emptied once a week; air conditioning is a no-no; all employees carry their garbage can down to the dumpster and rinse it every night (no plastic bag inserts) and then carry it up in the morning; all employees will bring their cold lunch in a reusable containers and pledge not to eat at any restaurant which does not serve food in reusable flatware and silverware; everyone takes the bus or the subway; and no surfing the web at work. There now your company is green and tremendously difficult to work for not to mention backward, crazy, and lower on the totem pole than a tree-hugger.

Will you do this? Sure you can, but will you? I hate blogs that answer their own questions so I will talk about the things I do.

Hell, I don’t know if these examples above are the best answers but they are ways to be green and not the schlock handed out by the media. Can I do it? Hell no, but I do try in some ways and they are good and bad.

The Heaz and I did talk about the stuff we do in the name of “green” which seem to us complacent for a handoff of the earth to our offspring, but there are drawbacks. Here are some of the things we do to try.

We hang laundry out on the line any day that is not raining and this includes the winter (my biscuits is frozen). I put up about 100 feet of clothes lines and you have to admit that clothes smell great when dried on the line but Heaz always says, “the towels are crunchy”.

We also have a large garden and a push reel mower, but we til the garden with a gas tiller. I did it with a shovel one year and I didn’t enjoy the outdoors.

We buy rechargeable Nuon batteries at Batteries Plus, a great store, and they power cameras better than any Energizer or Duracell, but they still have to be recycled when they wear out but it takes them longer too wear out. We dump all “green” leftovers into a composter in the back yard and give the dog all the left over meat thus reducing the amount of throw away garbage.

We recycle damn near everything possible (including multiple cases of beer bottles) and burn wood that is chopped with an axe and not a wood splitter. There are other things but at this point the OMGs from KrazyKrause need stop sometime, but the point is we do make a conscious effort to do things, maybe more than others maybe not which I am fine with, that are “green” and we do it because it just seems right.

But when I read that Walmart imports tons of goods from China and then buys tax credits in Oregon to lower their income tax in the state and then tout how green they are by a press release, the press who are all too easy cajoled into agreeing, but they have actually done nothing “green” and it is surely a stupid reference at this point, Walmart has not done anything green nor have the other companies with their stupid press releases. Or how about coal industry (Console?) that had the big sign on Route 88 by the 51 interchange reading, “Coal, clean green energy”. No, it’s not clean, but dammit it is necessary. Why can’t that be printed? If anyone thinks for an instant the miners around Pa, W Va, and Ohio are about to loose their jobs because of “green” energy technology then someone needs to sit them down with any Governor in any of those states and they can show them that the wind mills and whatever else are so far in the future and few and far between, not to mention they will suck up about 3% of the energy market when they do come to fruition, that it will not cost jobs. Coal will not go away until it runs out, period. But the word “green” is already exhausted as am I.

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One Comment on “I almost can’t stand the word green.”

  1. Heaz Says:

    Ye Gods, I could add a lot more to the list of how the TraininAle family tries to live more gently in regards to the earth but I hesitate, lest I come off as self-righteous. FWIW, I think it’s all about balance and being reasonable. Going *completely* green would be absurdly difficult, but doing *nothing* green is absurdly arrogant and irresponsible. All debate aside, though, I think the real issue is…how about everyone just drop the damn lip service already?

    Are ya with me?

    And speaking of colors, I’m feeling decidedly NOT pink these days. I’m sure all of you football fans have finally clued in to the fact that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Did you see that? *Awareness*. Not “prevention”. Not “fighting” or “researching” or even, for the love of God, “providing palliative care”. Awareness. Well hot damn, I bought me a pink [insert impulse-buy plastic piece of crap here], now I can pat myself on the back and feel like I’ve DONE something to address this problem.

    No. You haven’t. You’ve just acknowledged it.

    A lactivist blogger pointed out last week that nursing a baby has the potential to significantly lower the risk of developing breast cancer for both parties (the mother and the nursling). You won’t see any footage of a mother feeding an infant on the networks, but heavens yes, let’s dress the football players in pink and claim we’ve been part of the solution.

    I’ve hijacked. And I apologize to my dear husband for that. I guess I just saw some parallels here. Let me tie both colors together with a few simple statements of strongly-held opinion.

    * Lip service = bad. And pointless. And a little stupid.
    * Expecting (yourself or others) to adhere to an extreme position = unrealistic
    * Making a real effort to do something = a respectable step toward improvement. No, not a perfect solution, but improvement nevertheless.

    and finally:

    * Pink football players = Just. Wrong. Someone please stop them; the ghosts of NFL past are howling from the beyond, and it hurts my ears.

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