The vaccine sheepers can’t prove there way out of this one.

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The wonderful term Herd Immunity was coined by A.W. Hedrich in 1933 after he had studied the dynamics for measles outbreaks in the Boston area between 1900 and 1930. He established that when 68% of children CONTRACTED measles, the outbreaks stopped. This protection persisted until the number who had contracted or had been exposed to measles once again fell below 68% of the community. (Please keep in mind the current rate of vaccination for most childhood diseases is well above 85% today.)

Here is the problem with Herd Immunity… The concept of herd immunity was intended to be applied to a population that had become immune through the NATURAL course of an infection. However, herd immunity was convienently applied to vaccination by assuming (we all know what happens when we assume) that vaccination confers the same type of protection as natural immunity. Lifetime Immunity is only conferred through an engagement with the REAL virus. The assumption that the presence of plain antibodies will protect a person from illness is flawed.

If vaccinations were as effective as natural immunity, then an overall vaccination rate of 68% would be high enough to stop outbreaks. However, even when the vaccination coverage approaches 100%, large outbreaks have still occurred.

Purtussis: “an outbreak of whooping cough (pertussis) in a highly vaccinated Urban Community”. -J Trop Pediatrics Mar 1991, 37(2): 71-76.

Purtussis: In the New England Journal of Medicine July 1994 issue a study found that over 80% of children under 5 years of age who had contracted whooping cough had been fully vaccinated.

Measles: In 1990, the Journal of the American Medical Association had an article on measles which stated ” Although more than 95% of school-aged children in the US are vaccinated against measles, large measles outbreaks continue to occur in schools and most cases in this setting occur among previously vaccinated children.” (JAMA, 21/11/90). There are many more documented examples I could list here but you should get the point. The anti vaccine side has more proof and evidence than the vaccine sheeple.

The above is factually documented..What facts do the vaccine people have they even work in the first place? NONE……….Vaccines have never went through ONE double blind study like prescription medications do……Prescription medications usually work although many times with a large number of side effects but at least they work and are proved to work. Vaccines have NEVER been proven scientifically to work……..

Do most people know what an HIB Titer is? Probably not. This is a blood test you can get to show if you have enough antibodies built up from a vaccine to protect yourself from a disease. So if you are concerned about getting another vaccine due to a bad reaction you may have had you can get a Titer test to see if you need a booster. Now here is the funny part, this is what is listed in the HIB Titer insert………..The contribution to clinical protection is unknown. What that means they have no factual evidence antibodies from a vaccine equate to immunity………….I rest my case, Hook-Line-Sinker…………..


I almost can’t stand the word green.

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With how they tell us the world is going to hell in a bushel basket made from woven plastic in China to Greenland is now a waterfall, I think the time to vote on whether or not people and companies that say “We are going green” really are, or are they blowing organic tobacco smoke up the media’s ass. The time has come in the form of what really can be done by/for the lay people about the word “green”.

If a company is going fucking green then they have no garbage; they use composting toilets, everyone brings a cup from home for water and coffee; they drink water out of the tap, no water coolers; printers do not exist on company property; computers are shut off every night when workers go home; and everyone takes the stairs. Right!

Oh not green enough for you? Then how about the composting toilets only gets emptied once a week; air conditioning is a no-no; all employees carry their garbage can down to the dumpster and rinse it every night (no plastic bag inserts) and then carry it up in the morning; all employees will bring their cold lunch in a reusable containers and pledge not to eat at any restaurant which does not serve food in reusable flatware and silverware; everyone takes the bus or the subway; and no surfing the web at work. There now your company is green and tremendously difficult to work for not to mention backward, crazy, and lower on the totem pole than a tree-hugger.

Will you do this? Sure you can, but will you? I hate blogs that answer their own questions so I will talk about the things I do.

Hell, I don’t know if these examples above are the best answers but they are ways to be green and not the schlock handed out by the media. Can I do it? Hell no, but I do try in some ways and they are good and bad.

The Heaz and I did talk about the stuff we do in the name of “green” which seem to us complacent for a handoff of the earth to our offspring, but there are drawbacks. Here are some of the things we do to try.

We hang laundry out on the line any day that is not raining and this includes the winter (my biscuits is frozen). I put up about 100 feet of clothes lines and you have to admit that clothes smell great when dried on the line but Heaz always says, “the towels are crunchy”.

We also have a large garden and a push reel mower, but we til the garden with a gas tiller. I did it with a shovel one year and I didn’t enjoy the outdoors.

We buy rechargeable Nuon batteries at Batteries Plus, a great store, and they power cameras better than any Energizer or Duracell, but they still have to be recycled when they wear out but it takes them longer too wear out. We dump all “green” leftovers into a composter in the back yard and give the dog all the left over meat thus reducing the amount of throw away garbage.

We recycle damn near everything possible (including multiple cases of beer bottles) and burn wood that is chopped with an axe and not a wood splitter. There are other things but at this point the OMGs from KrazyKrause need stop sometime, but the point is we do make a conscious effort to do things, maybe more than others maybe not which I am fine with, that are “green” and we do it because it just seems right.

But when I read that Walmart imports tons of goods from China and then buys tax credits in Oregon to lower their income tax in the state and then tout how green they are by a press release, the press who are all too easy cajoled into agreeing, but they have actually done nothing “green” and it is surely a stupid reference at this point, Walmart has not done anything green nor have the other companies with their stupid press releases. Or how about coal industry (Console?) that had the big sign on Route 88 by the 51 interchange reading, “Coal, clean green energy”. No, it’s not clean, but dammit it is necessary. Why can’t that be printed? If anyone thinks for an instant the miners around Pa, W Va, and Ohio are about to loose their jobs because of “green” energy technology then someone needs to sit them down with any Governor in any of those states and they can show them that the wind mills and whatever else are so far in the future and few and far between, not to mention they will suck up about 3% of the energy market when they do come to fruition, that it will not cost jobs. Coal will not go away until it runs out, period. But the word “green” is already exhausted as am I.

A few words about dogs

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As previously mentioned, the new dog, is still apart of the family and can, if left to her own devices, start her own. Of course these devices are on the leash most of the time what with the 110 lbs. of American Bulldog gonads walking around next door. She doesn’t really have an interest in him just the normal “I want to play” mentality which is normal, we have read, for bitches in their first heat. The problem is when she does go over to their fence, old Haus (gonad dogs name) starts dry humping as he walks which really gets things a swinging.

I don’t know because I have not made a study on it but this dogs is hung like a pendulum. They are big and they hang a bit. Maybe it is just the fact that one doesn’t see many unneutered males about, but with having kids of my own, these things are a little disturbing being so close due to their size. Additionally, the neighbors are out of town and I am watching their dogs which just entails feeding. So I go over and two 100 plus pound American Bulldogs just display a whole heap of love on you to the point where they want to put their paws on your shoulders and tell you so to your face. Now if  you don’t know what an American Bulldog looks like then google it of course and you will see a dog that you will tell yourself is a pit bull.

American Bulldog

Not at all. These dogs are huge compared to pits so if some knucklehead tells you they saw a 100 pound pit bull, you will know that they are just stupid. The American Bulldog is a very nice breed, the dogs are very friendly and a bit fun if you like tackle football all the time.

At any rate, we have been, so far, successful at keeping our in-heat-doggy well clear of the pendulum bulldog. The big downside is the dripping and the fact that her backside looks like the backside of the monkeys in the zoo. Great Gasby but that thing swells up and drips. It was an 8 days of washing the basement floor quite often and keeping her down in the basement that was the real issue. She sneaks up and when the door opens she runs up and hides under the dinning room table. So why not just get her fixed. Well many reasons but now it is weighing heavily on my mind that the whole procedure of ripping her inards out is extremely barbaric and now I can’t imagine putting a creature through a life without sex. I wonder if during the next heat I will think this way? I think doggy daipers would just get shreaded and wouldn’t that be fun to clean up.

My neighbors and trees.

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I have two manly neighbors, they cut trees all the time. The one owns one of those great big he-man chainsaws that have as many CCs as my first motorcycle. Me, I work on computers all day so when I stand around and talk to these gents the only thing we have in common is beer drinking. But they are great. They bring me wood like crazy for my wood burner and just dump it anywhere in the yard and then I cut it up and stack it.

I have a great deal of work to get to right now, about 3 chords to cut up and stack, but it is good. You become one with your wood pile each year and you get to know which types of wood are the best for splitting and burning. So, here is my overview for any of you wishing to get a wood burner and then when you are driving by someone’s house and see a tree getting chopped, you will be able to stop, ask what kind it is, and if it falls into the category below of your splitting desires, your yea or nay will come easy.

But first, there are many indigenous PA trees (and don’t forget to check this out what a site, I measured a you bet your White Ash in the woods behind my house to see if it could compete and it was about 10 feet shy on circumference. There are some whoppers on that site.) which are plentiful and then there are the imports. Always burn the imports because they can be invasive. Now if the tree is a weeping type, please pass by and flip your nose at it. These are hybrids created by some wino scientists and they permeate the front yards of people who don’t understand a big Pa hardwoods.

I digress, here is the list along with taught explanations:

  1. Silver Maple – lovely shade tree, drops more things (sticks, buds, helicopters, leaves) than any other tree save your White Ash. This is a plentiful tree due to there was a large planting of it in and around the ‘Burgh about 50 to 70 years ago when houses were being built because they grow fast. Now they are normally the huge trees you see in front yards with big elongated holes from ants. Not easy to split because they splinter. So then get out your sledge and 5 wedges and when they are all stuck in a 30 inch trunk, go rent a log splitter.
  2. White Ash – These are perhaps now the second largest trees you will see in Pa due to the Chestnut blight of the 20th century. (Give me a minute)…these trees are used for baseball bats of course and are easy to split. If you see see one of these beauties about to come down please climb it and tell the chopper you won’t come down until he sells his chain saw.
  3. White Oak – not as fun to say as you bet your White Ash but these trees are wonderful. They have the tastiest acorns of the oak family which is why it is sometimes difficult to find the acorns and the saplings under or around one. These must be dried for 6 to 10 months then split otherwise you are going to sour your milk trying.
  4. Beech – One of my favorites and one of the tallest trees you will find. These are the trees that everyone carves their names into. This irks me to no end so if I see someone doing it I normally attack. Al Gore would back me up on this. I have never cut one or split one, but I have collected the Beech nuts below one. Be sure not to confuse the leaves with that of the American Chestnut (another minute please…). I have read they are easy to split and some people have used the pulp to make beer. What a great tree.
  5. Weeping Willow – This is a Chinese import whose roots supposedly go after sewer pipes which causes havoc for the alligators living in the sewers which in turn causes your pipes to have to be dug up and then the ditch diggers get eaten by the ‘gators. This lead to the invention of the backhoe.
  6. Sugar Maple – This tree is strictly for maple sugaring. Don’t cut it down dammit, tap it and make maple syrup. If you only have one you can still make about a pint which could be fun for the kids.
  7. Norway Maple – This tree is an import from Norway, however it is good for sugaring. They grow fast, are invasive, and are used for front yards a great deal of the time. Do what you will with them, they are easy to split and we are not at war with Norway oddly enough.
  8. Black Locust – This is the tree used to make fence posts way back when. The wood doesn’t rot for about 20 to 30 years. It is a large tree and the wood has a yellow color to it and the branches have thorns so when you cut it use the thorns to make sewing needles to sew leather gloves to handle the branches. This wood burns super hot and splinters when split, but is not real difficult.
  9. Black Cherry – These trees are plentiful and the wood is the second most sought after save mahogany. The wood has a deep, rich, red color and is very easy to split. So 0nce you cut it down, make a coffee table or a nice set of salad bowls and then burn the rest.
  10. White Birch – These are the trees normally found in front yards that have the white bark. Very ornamental now with like a clump of three, but if left to grow they will get large and very pleasant looking. These are moderate to difficult to split and the bark creates a good bit of creosote upon burning so you will have to get your chimney swept after the winter.
  11. Pines – Don’t burn inside, use these for your sugaring evaporator outside.

Well it was not a great year for the maple trees where I live, only got about 5 days of flow where normally I get about 2 to 3 weeks so no-one is invited over for pancakes this year. I am sorry, but I am going to plant about 5 more sugar maples this year which will be ready for the 2030 sugaring season. I can’t wait…

There are more trees out there of course, but I don’t have time to cover them all today. I will try to continue this another day, but you should be ready now to pick out your wood for burning next year.

This blog brought to you from my iPad

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So I got the iPad! In fact I’m in the car on the way to Wormy’s dads house right now while I type this. I must say typing is rather easy on the touch screen keyboard. I’m not sure of Wormy’s love for the device since I’ve devoted the last few hours to playing with it. The interface is much like the iPhone which makes using it a breeze. I was disappointed in the fact all the iWork apps they taut are $9.99 a piece. I did break down and buy Pages. That’s what I’m using to write this. Any non iPad formatted apps load and are scaled down to the size of the iPhone/touch screen size. The device is very responsive and apps load super quick. The not having Internet can be a downside to a lot of apps and there isn’t an app for that. While away on “Jesus is proof zombies can take over the world” weekend I was stuck for 36 hours without Internet, this felt like an eternity! I mean who doesn’t have wireless Internet at their house? Both of Wormy’s parents that’s who! So fast forward 5 days later as I finish this blog post and I’m now on the T home finishing. I’ve put music and movies on my device and it pretty much hasn’t left my side. I’m excited for more apps to come out and have grabbed a lot already. I’ve put some music and movies on here and have big plans for Chilla’s iPad! For all you Apple haters out there at least go try it before you knock it and bitch that it’s just an over sized iPhone or iPod touch because its way more!

Everyone must see this video

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I really have no words to say about this one, other than everyone needs to see it:

P.S. I promise my next post will not be a video!

A Few Comments about the Men’s Room

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Automatic Flush Toilets

There are few things in the world as joyous as interacting with an automatic flush toilet.  You go into the stall, pull a seat cover out of the dispenser, arrange it on the toilet seat, turn around to drop your pants, and the automatic toilet flushes it down.  You try this three more times with exactly the same result.  Frustrated, you drop your pants, pull a seat cover out of the dispenser, arrange it on the toilet seat, turn around quickly and try to sit down only to find that the automatic toilet beats you to the punch by flushing the seat cover down before you get to sit down.  Frustrated even more, you pull another seat cover out of the dispenser, hold it up to your butt, and attempt to sit down while getting it lined up correctly.  Your friendly automatic flush toilet rewards you by flushing as you sit down.  Thus bathing your butt and hanging private parts with icy cold water.  Finally, you proceed to drop the kids off at the pool.  In the middle of this, some guy enters the stall next to you (I will talk about this more later), sits down, and farts hard enough to part the water.  Your friendly automatic flush toilet responds to this noise by flushing.  Thus bathing your butt and hanging private parts with your own crap water.  Nice.  When you are done with your business, you grab some paper and move to wipe your butt.  Your friendly automatic flush toilet responds to this movement by flushing.  Thus bathing your butt, hanging private parts, your hand, and your arm with your own crap water.  Even nicer.  After wiping your butt, you stand up to pull up your pants.  Your friendly automatic flush toilet responds to this movement by flushing yet again.  Thus bathing your bare legs and your bunched up pants with more toilet water.  Ummm, feel the love.  That’s like 9 flushes before you get the job done.  How it this technological progress?  The guy who invented this thing should have to sit on it all day while other people make farting noises that cause his toilet to flush and bath his ass and private parts with icy cold water.  Then maybe he’d invent a handle to replace the automatic flush sensor.  Oh, and about that guy next to you.  Ever been in a pit toilet in a state park?  Remember that awful smell.  That guy next to you always seems to be the guy who makes that smell.

The Stall Right Next to You

You know how they always put at least three toilets in the men’s room right up next to each other.  There’s no good reason to have to sit that close to another guy who’s dropping the kids off at the pool.  I think they should put a sign in the middle stall that reads “Hey buddy, no one wants to shit next to you.  Pick another stall or another restroom.”.

Butt Crumbs

Every go into a stall in the restroom at work and, when you go to put the disposable seat cover down, you notice that the guy who was there before you left a pile of hair, dried skin, and other assorted nasties on the back of the toilet seat?  Well I think they should put a sign on the inside of the stall door that reads “Hey buddy, take those butt crumbs with you!”.